A minimalist approach to studying sociology

Sociology is a complex, fascinating and immensely rewarding subject. Like most things in life, being good at it requires passion, discipline, and focus.

Here’s how I became good at studying sociology, for the times I was good at it.


There isn’t much to say here.

The dictionary defines passion as 

  • a strong and barely controllable emotion, an intense desire or enthusiasm for something, a thing arousing enthusiasm.

I have cried legit tears, from enthusiasm, when I wrote my paper on poverty and residential segregation in Toronto applying Foucault’s concept of biopower.

My friend has made fun of me because when I take notes, I add “BOOM!” “YAAAAASSSSS!” and other equally enthusiastic words when I really really like a point the author(s) is making.

It is a bit embarrassing.

I don’t care— I love sociology.

Are you passionate about sociology?

Avoid Distraction

I quit social media.

In my previous post, is the internet killing qualitative research, I mentioned how constant consumption of information undermines our ability to be creative.

Sociology is a creative process.

Quitting social media worked for me, it gave me the chance to be bored and exercise my sociological imagination.

I got really good at thinking, thinking about our social world and making connections.

What’s your distraction? Cut it.


There are countless tips and tricks available- from blogs, and videos, to books- on how to maintain focus and be productive.

I did a lot of research until I found what worked for me— the Pomodoro technique.

I chose this Pomodoro app that did wonders for my productivity.

 Every day, I tried to commit about 4 hours on my craft, where I worked for 25 minutes for 8 counts with a 5-minute break in between.

I also failed a lot.

A lot.

However, when I followed these three simple steps, be passionate, avoid distractions and focus, I became good at studying sociology, really good.

How can you become good at studying sociology?

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