Youth poverty in Canada

In one of the world's richest countries, Canada, poverty remains a fact of life for millions of Canadians. According to Canada Without Poverty, a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of poverty in Canada, nearly five million Canadians currently live in poverty.1 That is approximately 5 million Canadians that struggle daily to meet their basic needs, such … Continue reading Youth poverty in Canada

The feminization of poverty

Poverty is costly. The cost of poverty has been estimated to cost the federal and provincial governments billions of dollar annually. In Toronto alone, poverty is estimated to cost the government over $5 billion in health care, policing and depressed economic productivity. That is over $5 BILLION the city is losing just to mitigate the effects of poverty … Continue reading The feminization of poverty

Underpaid & undervalued: The precarious existence of immigrant women workers in Canada

Note: The issue of precarious employment is not unique to immigrant women. Or, immigrants. Or, women. Within the current labor market, the proliferation and normalization of part-time jobs, contract work, and temporary positions pose a threat to the livelihood of millions of working-middle class Canadians. A topic for another post. However, I would like to … Continue reading Underpaid & undervalued: The precarious existence of immigrant women workers in Canada

Feminism: Capitalism’s handmaiden?

Margaret Atwood's classic novel, The Handmaid's Tale, remains one of my favorite literary work I have ever read. Wikipedia offers a decent overview of the premises of the novel. The Commander's account of how it became possible for the Gilead state to gain Power still gives me chills. It was the first time I legitimately considered … Continue reading Feminism: Capitalism’s handmaiden?

Missing women, missing news, missing action

This post is dedicated to commemorating the more than 600 missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in Canada as we celebrate International Women's Day this coming Thursday, March 8. The disappearance and murder of dozens of women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside has been regarded as one of Canada’s largest news stories from the first … Continue reading Missing women, missing news, missing action