Mental health and social media

It is evident that we can no longer talk about mental health without mentioning how our addiction to technology, our smartphones, and the various online platforms that we visit daily, can negatively impact our mental well-being. Increasingly, studies are showing the negative effects social media can have on our mental health.1 According to a report by … Continue reading Mental health and social media

How I keep myself mentally healthy #MentalHealthMay

A short and concise list of things I do to take care of my mental well-being.  20 way I keep myself mentally healthy 1. No social media (except for LinkedIn.) 2. Exercising (Kickboxing and Zumba. Sometimes, Pilates). 3. Getting lost in a really good novel. (Currently reading: 1984.) 4. Walking as much as possible. (Here's a … Continue reading How I keep myself mentally healthy #MentalHealthMay