Creating space between you and your smartphone

Photo by Arnaud Weyts on Unsplash

Last year, Apple released the Screen Time app as part of its “digital health” initiative to address growing concerns around increasing device usage, smartphone addiction and social media’s impact on our mental well-being.

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As much as it hurts me deeply to admit this, I spent 38 hours and 37 minutes on my phone with a daily average of 5 hours and 31 minutes last week according to the Screen App. How did I manage to spend 38 hours and 37 minutes on my phone in a 7-day period? That’s a full-time job.

What is even alarming is that that week’s average seems to be the rule, rather than the exception, of my weekly phone usage. This week, I have spent 33 hours 23 minutes on my phone.

To think I quit social media to precisely avoid this… Continue reading “Creating space between you and your smartphone”

“You are — your life, and nothing else.”

Photo by Alexandra on Unsplash

To become a writer, I had to learn to interrupt, to speak up, to speak a little louder, and then louder, and then to just speak in my own voice which is not loud at all.”

I have been meaning to write and publish on this blog for quite some time now. Many ideas constantly clutter my headspace. Loud, obnoxious, and furious ideas begging to be released into the world. Would the world care?

I tend to wait for the perfect moment to write. I tell myself that tomorrow is a better day for writing, with a fresh start. I promise myself that I will wake up at 6:00AM and write for two hours before I head to work.

Tomorrow never comes the way I intended it to. Tomorrow is the perfect moment only in my head. Continue reading ““You are — your life, and nothing else.””