Today is world mental health day

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It wasn’t until last night, on a poster at the train station, that I found out that today is world mental health day. The downside of not being on social media, avoiding the news, and getting bored with Reddit, where I often see reminders for things of such nature.

Alas, World Mental Health Day is observed on the 10th of October every year to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

Below are six of my all time favorite articles from around the web on practicing mental mental wellness for better mental well-being. I know they’re my all time favorite because I have bookmarked them, and actually go back to read them for reference (I know!).

In no particular order.

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27 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mental Health 

“Over the years, I have compiled a list of simple things to do which have a big impact on my mental health. Sometimes, it is not the grand gestures which work. You do not need to quit your job, go on a silent meditation retreat or move countries to feel better (although those are all cool things to do.) Making the effort to look after yourself in subtle ways is so important. However rough you feel, however hard life is, try incorporating one of these each day. Most only take a few minutes and your mind will thank you for it.”


This Is The Morning Ritual That Will Make You Happy: 4 Secrets From Stoicism

“Sometimes life sucks. Bad. Really bad. And you feel like you want a refund.

But, of course, we need to accept that Life Avenue is going to have its share of potholes. Albert Ellis, one of the most influential psychologists ever, knew that ‘acceptance’ is key to coping with the curve balls life throws at us.”


40 Radical Acts of Self-Love

“Don’t confuse radical self-love with basic self-care. This isn’t about brushing your teeth. Radical self-love is deeper. It is performing actions that are purely for your mind and spirit. It is selfishness that helps you own and celebrate yourself. This selfishness leads to you feeling your best in a culture that wants you to struggle.”


Harvard followed 800 people over the course of multiple decades and found 6 things that make people live longer, happier lives

“This is how to make your life awesome:

Avoid smoking and alcohol: Duh.

Years of education = good: Education seems to increase good habits (and being surrounded by smart, ambitious people never hurts).

Have a happy childhood: It’s huge. And surrounding yourself later in life with people who love you can help repair a difficult youth.

Relationships are everything: “Happiness is love. Full stop.”

Mature coping skills: Stop projecting and stop being passive-aggressive. Use mature defenses like humor when life gets hard. (Yes, immature humor is still mature coping. You’re welcome.)

Generativity: Build a good life, a well-rounded self and then give back.”


Your Go-To List of 50 Dirt-Cheap & Free Self-Care Ideas

“This list of free/dirt-cheap self-care ideas is great for anyone. Whether you are struggling financially or you are just looking for simple yet valuable self-care ideas, this is for you. Having no money can’t be an excuse anymore for some self-care time!”


25 ways to comfort yourself when you don’t know what’s wrong 

“Acknowledging sadness and uncomfortable feelings doesn’t mean we are agreeing to them. It means we see them. I like to think of them as clouds passing by in the sky of my day. If it’s raining I don’t have to lay there under it, but I do have to acknowledge that my clothes are going to get wet momentarily.”

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Also, checkout the mental health category on my blog for more on mental health tips. 

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