Irresistible technologies

After years of effort to spend less time online, and an intense loathing for the digital world, I still remain entranced by its trappings of entertainment, novelty, and escape.

Reasons to be offline

It takes a lot more effort than what you read online to get accustomed to and enjoy life on the other side of Mark Zuckerberg’s digital playground. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

Where did everyone go?

I had a thought recently: where did everyone go? Everyone is here, online. I’m just not here. And it sucks. Everyone is talking, but the silence is deafening.

The loneliest place

The loneliest place promises to connect us with these billions of people worldwide, at any given time of the day. Yet, it is the loneliest place.

An experience for one

An experience for one: experiencing something, a moment, a thing, an event, without the need to capture, share, or post about it online.


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