mental health

Laugh or log off

Once upon a time, when a fan accused Rihanna of being insensitive for a meme she shared on her Instagram, Rihanna responded with, ‘laugh or log off.’ Discovering this gem a few days ago reminded me of another one from Tyler, The Creator. He tweeted, “Hahahahahahahaha How The F**k Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha N***a Just Walk […]


Another blog post about the benefits of physical exercise for mental health (and how to exercise more)

Just in case you had any doubts regarding how beneficial exercise is for mental wellbeing, a simple search on Google for the benefits of exercise for mental health pulls up about 250,000,000 results. Exercise is a powerful method for mantaining our mental wellbeing. It promotes changes in the brain that support neural growth, reduce inflammation, and create […]


Write for your life

I was inspired to write this post after listening to a podcast episode by Chris from Old Cove Road titled Write for Your Life. In the episode, Chris explores the necessity of telling our stories, writing being one medium, to break down the stigma and misconception surrounding mental health and mental illness. I loved the phrase; write […]