A minimalist approach to studying sociology

Sociology is a complex, fascinating and immensely rewarding subject. Like most things in life, being good at it requires passion, discipline, and focus. Here's how I became good at studying sociology, for the times I was good at it. Passion There isn't much to say here. The dictionary defines passion as  "a strong and barely controllable … Continue reading A minimalist approach to studying sociology

Is the internet killing qualitative research?

The internet has been blamed for ruining many aspects of our lives, including, but not limited to, our relationships, our happiness, our productivity, and pretty much everything else. Yes, everything! Of course, the claim that technology poses an immense threat to humanity has been as old as technology itself. In the 16th century, there were … Continue reading Is the internet killing qualitative research?


What is Sociology?    "Sociology is an inherently controversial endeavour." -Anthony Gidden, 2000 Sociology, simply put, is the study of social life. It is a discipline that covers diverse aspects of human social relationships and social institutions to grasp the ways by which human action and consciousness shape, and are shaped by, surrounding cultural and social structures. Sociology … Continue reading Introduction