Youth citizenship: An intersectional analysis

Given the nature of citizenship, and it historical, social and political contentions, there remains a lack of consensus on what constitutes citizenship. The legal definition of citizenship defines the term as the position or status of being a citizen of a particular country, with elements such as a passport, or a national identity. However, citizenship can also be … Continue reading Youth citizenship: An intersectional analysis

Underpaid & undervalued: The precarious existence of immigrant women workers in Canada

Note: The issue of precarious employment is not unique to immigrant women. Or, immigrants. Or, women. Within the current labor market, the proliferation and normalization of part-time jobs, contract work, and temporary positions pose a threat to the livelihood of millions of working-middle class Canadians. A topic for another post. However, I would like to … Continue reading Underpaid & undervalued: The precarious existence of immigrant women workers in Canada

Feminism: Capitalism’s Handmaiden?

Margaret Atwood's classic novel, The Handmaid's Tale, remains one of my favorite literary work I have ever read. Wikipedia offers a decent overview of the premises of the novel. The Commander's account of how it became possible for the Gilead state to gain Power still gives me chills. It was the first time I legitimately considered … Continue reading Feminism: Capitalism’s Handmaiden?

Racism as a governing apparatus: A Foucauldian analysis

In my previous post, Defining 'racism', I talked about the difference between individual racism and institutional/systemic racism. Most discussions around race and racism rely heavily on critical race theory to examine "the appearance of race and racism across dominant cultural modes of expression." Michel Foucault’s concept of bio-power has received very little focus within the race literature, … Continue reading Racism as a governing apparatus: A Foucauldian analysis


What is Sociology?    "Sociology is an inherently controversial endeavour." -Anthony Gidden, 2000 Sociology, simply put, is the study of social life. It is a discipline that covers diverse aspects of human social relationships and social institutions to grasp the ways by which human action and consciousness shape, and are shaped by, surrounding cultural and social structures. Sociology … Continue reading Introduction