Let’s (re)discover the pleasures of the offline world.

We get it. Social media is bad. The Internet has made us lonelier. Alternative facts suck. What are we going to do about it? The offline world, with all its delight and joy, is still out there waiting for us to pay attention. Lets (re)discover the joys and pleasures of the paying attention to the seasons changing, the birds chirping, and the wind blowing. Are you ready!? Take the step towards experiencing the simple joys in life.

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Are you ready to take back control of your time and attention!? These sessions are going to give you the knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment you have been looking for to finally work on healthier digital habits.


Are you looking to empower your teams to take back control of their time and attention? These workshops are tailored to fit your teams unique needs and concerns to empower them to take back control of their time and attention.


Are you looking to meet and network with fellow digital wellness enthusiasts? Toronto’s Digital Wellness Meetup group is an online community for individuals to come together and empower one another’s digital wellness journey.

Thank you so much for such an engaging and valuable presentation! The coordinator at SLYE was really excited about the amount of engagement you were able to elicit from the youth. The youth greatly benefitted from the timely resources and tips you shared! Thank you very much for your contributions. It is greatly appreciated.

The SLYE Network

Let’s (re)discover your potential together.