Event Recap: Introduction to Digital Minimalism

Last Sunday, June 30th, a group of digital minimalism enthusiasts and friends met at the Jason George pub in Toronto to learn more about digital minimalism and intentional digital use. During this two-hour event, we discussed what digital minimalism is, the three core principles of digital minimalism, and committed to implementing a 30-day digital declutter … Continue reading Event Recap: Introduction to Digital Minimalism

Upcoming Event: Introduction to Digital Minimalism

Toronto's Digital Minimalism Meetup Group is hosting our first event, Introduction to Digital Minimalism! We will be utilizing Cal Newport's new book to explore the following three questions: What exactly is digital minimalism? What are the three core principles of digital minimalism? How can we best adopt digital minimalism into our lives? We will also … Continue reading Upcoming Event: Introduction to Digital Minimalism

Toronto’s Digital Minimalism Meetup Group

"Rethink your online life. Rediscover the pleasures of the offline world." Toronto's Digital Minimalism is a group for digital minimalists, and individuals interested in practicing digital minimalism. Using Cal Newport's definition, digital minimalism is a philosophy of technology use in which you focus your online time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities … Continue reading Toronto’s Digital Minimalism Meetup Group

Take the Pledge! #NationalDayofUnplugging2019

When your phone buzzes or a notification pops up your screen, do you stop what you're doing to look and respond? Do you have multiple devices constantly competing for your attention at all times? Do you find it hard to sit still for a bit without checking your phone or social media feeds? Have you been looking … Continue reading Take the Pledge! #NationalDayofUnplugging2019

Digital wellness for beginners

At the peak of the proliferation of smartphones and social media and the attention economy, our attention has become the most valuable commodity. In order to profit from our attention, companies employ tactics to hijack our attention and keep us glued to our smartphones, scrolling mindlessly through our newsfeeds and watching cat memes all day … Continue reading Digital wellness for beginners