Keeping a daily journal for mental well-being

Writing can be a very therapeutic endeavor. Any form of writing, including creative, academic, or otherwise, can serve as a form of self-exploration to make sense of our thoughts and feelings, and discover our deepest desires. Keeping a personal journal is one of the ways in which we can incorporate writing into our lives to … Continue reading Keeping a daily journal for mental well-being

how to fill our days

This short piece was written in a heat-of-the-moment realization that hit me at 6:00am while drinking a Blonde Vanilla Almond Milk Latte (so good!) at Starbucks (I'm still *internally* boycotting them) and musing over this article  before heading to work. It's part critical self-awareness, and part caffeine-induced rant.  Busyness has become a badge of honor in our … Continue reading how to fill our days