Is digital declutter for you?

Digital declutter is a very personal journey. For some, it's their email inbox that is cluttered and stressful. For others, it's their desktop overflowing with files and documents. Below are three ideas to determine if digital declutter is for you. 1. pay attention What, if any, area of your digital space is overflowing and stressful?… Continue reading Is digital declutter for you?

A radical digital declutter journey

📍 Antigua If you surrendered to the air, you can ride it." — Toni Morrison *Sigh.* It has finally dawned on me I'm one person with one brain, and there is only so much information I can realistically consume before I die of information-exhaustion. Hey, stress kills! The realization hit me during my recent unplugged… Continue reading A radical digital declutter journey

Extreme world views often only exist online, and what to *actually* think of Donald Trump

Photo by visuals on Unsplash Do you ever read, watch, or see something extremely outrages online, be it a Facebook post, a YouTube video, or a comment on a blog article, and feel greatly irritated and annoyed? There have been many times where I have come across such content online that elicit strong negative emotions… Continue reading Extreme world views often only exist online, and what to *actually* think of Donald Trump

Demons hate fresh air

Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash This is an updated re-post from my old blog, Happy Friday! I read Keep Going for the third time this year. Austin Kleon's 10 rules for staying creative in good times and bad is a timeless advice I can't seem to get enough of. Austin Kleon is definitely… Continue reading Demons hate fresh air