Unplugging: A digital detox experiment

This post is a way overdue follow up to the National Unplugging Day article I wrote, and my experience unplugging.  According to a study by the World Economic Forum, digital media users often spend more hours online than they sleep, yet only half believe it improves their quality of life. Not only is increased in … Continue reading Unplugging: A digital detox experiment

Keeping a daily journal for mental well-being

Writing can be a very therapeutic endeavor. Any form of writing, including creative, academic, or otherwise, can serve as a form of self-exploration to make sense of our thoughts and feelings, and discover our deepest desires. Keeping a personal journal is one of the ways in which we can incorporate writing into our lives to … Continue reading Keeping a daily journal for mental well-being

Digital wellness for beginners

At the peak of the proliferation of smartphones and social media and the attention economy, our attention has become the most valuable commodity. In order to profit from our attention, companies employ tactics to hijack our attention and keep us glued to our smartphones, scrolling mindlessly through our newsfeeds and watching cat memes all day … Continue reading Digital wellness for beginners