“You are — your life, and nothing else.”

Photo by Alexandra on Unsplash

To become a writer, I had to learn to interrupt, to speak up, to speak a little louder, and then louder, and then to just speak in my own voice which is not loud at all.”

I have been meaning to write and publish on this blog for quite some time now. Many ideas constantly clutter my headspace. Loud, obnoxious, and furious ideas begging to be released into the world. Would the world care?

I tend to wait for the perfect moment to write. I tell myself that tomorrow is a better day for writing, with a fresh start. I promise myself that I will wake up at 6:00AM and write for two hours before I head to work.

Tomorrow never comes the way I intended it to. Tomorrow is the perfect moment only in my head. Continue reading ““You are — your life, and nothing else.””

Write for your life

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

When Chris from Old Cove Road reached out to me via email to ask if he could share my blog post, How to use your smartphone like a hammer, on his website, I was utterly flattered. So, I went on his website to find out why my article was worthy of being shared, and as I browsed through, his podcast episode titled Write for Your Life caught my attention.

In the episode, Chris explores the necessity of telling our stories, writing being one medium, to break down the stigma and misconception surrounding mental health and mental illness.

I loved the idea: write for your life.

I have mused about the importance of writing for self-exploration in previous posts.

Good writing can help a person discover their voice, and our voice defines our authenticity, which in turn defines our influence. Continue reading “Write for your life”