Youth cafés: creating youth-friendly spaces

Providing physical spaces where young people feel valued and empowered is essential to positive youth development. Safe spaces for youth should be places where young people can come together to express themselves and engage in decision-making processes that impact their lives. Youth should have an active and on-going role in creating a youth-friendly space, including … Continue reading Youth cafés: creating youth-friendly spaces

From tokenism to authentic youth engagement

  Youth engagement has gained momentum in many fields that work closely with young people, including youth programs and services, youth organizations, schools, and other institutions working to help young people thrive. Youth-focused organizations thrive to implement youth engagement practices that capture the voice of young people they serve. While it is important to recognize … Continue reading From tokenism to authentic youth engagement

Meaningful youth engagement: Multiple contexts, multiple realities, multiple approaches

Youth engagement practices support young people's participation in shaping their communities and the decisions that affect their lives, as well as foster positive youth development. Meaningful youth engagement is an important factor in positive youth development that strengthen young people's civic commitment, extend their social capital, help them create meaningful relationships with adults, and foster … Continue reading Meaningful youth engagement: Multiple contexts, multiple realities, multiple approaches

Critical youth work

Historically, the primary focus of youth work has been on risk prevention and rehabilitation to keep young people off the streets, an approach known as a person-centered approach [3]. The person-centered approach has led to service providers to regard young people as problems requiring a solution or intervention.  More recently, however, youth programs and initiatives have … Continue reading Critical youth work