Defining ‘youth’


On the surface, it may seem obvious or common sense to define the term ‘youth.’ A youth is a young person, right?

A while back, I had the opportunity to attend a Critical Youth Work course, a professional development certificate offered to Ontario youth workers with the space to engage in critical dialogue and learning about the political, social and economic realities that characterize youth work. When the topic of defining youth, and what age group youth belong to, came up, there were varying opinions and some uncertainty among participants.

In a room of about twenty youth workers, we could not come up with, or agree on, a concise definition of ‘youth.’ Something that often appears to be common sense, and a label we frequently use carelessly, left us puzzled when it was presented to us through a critical lens. Defining ‘youth’

Radical youth work: what happened to the revolutionary potential of youth work?

When I was doing my undergraduate studies, I was very certain that, after attaining my marketable degree, I would lead the revolution that would bring capitalism to its final graveyard. My twitter handle read, ‘Karl Marx is my baby daddy,’ and I was determined to make him proud, although I still have not read the Capitalist Manifesto,*eeks!*, but a copy of it has a special space on my bookshelf.

Such rage was induced via a one-hour lecture on Marx I attentively listened to in my second-year social movements class.  I was, and still am, your typical rage-fueled, poorly informed, whiny millennial.

Disclaimer: since then, my views on capitalism have drastically changed. 

Radical youth work: what happened to the revolutionary potential of youth work?

4 productivity tips for youth workers

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Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Happy New Year!

One of my major goals for the new year is to be consistently productive and work on advancing my career as a youth worker, writing more for my blog, and creating more opportunities to grow professionally and personally. #CareerGoals!

Youth workers provide a vital service to young people and the communities that they serve, and studies show that one of the best indicators for job satisfaction is finding work that helps others.

RESOURCE: provides career advice for people who want to have a social impact.

4 productivity tips for youth workers