A radical digital declutter journey

Time for a digital declutter.


It has finally dawned on me I’m one person with one brain, and there is only so much information I can realistically consume before I die of information-exhaustion.

Hey, stress kills!

The realization hit me during my recent unplugged honeymoon vacation.

I was sitting beach side, no device in sight, sippin’ on Malibu Bay Breeze (thank me later), and reading Marie Kondo’s new book Joy at Work, when it dawned on me how entirely overwhelmed and crushed I feel by all the digital clutter in my life.

The emails. The to-watch lists. The to-read lists. The subscriptions. The e-courses. You name it!

Oh, no.

Maybe, I’m just someone that’s easily overwhelmed in general: Sue me. Or, maybe it was the utter freedom and stillness I felt disconnected from the digital noise, but I committed right then and there to a radical digital declutter upon my return home.

Dealing with less is much easier than trying to organize more.”

So here I am, a little over a week after my unplugged vacation, planning a major digital declutter that will free so much mental space and time in my life that I might, just might, finally rule. the. world.

Okay, finally get actual, important work done?

So, I’m dedicating December to radically downsizing my digital clutter and digital commitments to reclaim my time and attention. I’ll be sharing my journey.

A new month, especially the end of the year, is a great time to commit to change.

I’ll be sharing my digital declutter journey.

Stay tuned!

Until next time. . . 

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