This is a blog about spending less time online and (re)discovering the pleasures of the offline world. As Austin Kleon said, “I write about stuff I’m trying to figure out, then I share it.” It is a documentation of my journey and the lessons from years of plugging/unplugging, connecting/disconnecting, learning/unlearning.

I don’t have the answers, but if you’re interested in my ramblings, start with these:

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Besides ranting against the digital world, some other things I love, in no particular order: public libraries, hiking, fried noodles, indoor plants, my husband, our fur-son, thrift stores, cooking, The Office, Ethiopian proverbs, stand-up comedy, coconut oil, Kanye West, sudoku, and podcasts. 

You can contact me at mehretbiruk(at)gmail(dot)com.

Oh, and this is me (just in case you’re wondering who the awesome person behind the blog is):