University of Windsor/ Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital
Mehret Biruk / M.A. Sociology/ Canada


What do you do when you have a passion for something? You blog about it, duh. 

Born and raised in Ethiopia, I moved to Canada in 2007 and lived in Toronto before moving to Windsor to pursue my post-secondary education at the University of Windsor.

My educational background includes an M.A in Sociology and a B.A in Criminology. I wrote my M.A. course thesis on the issue of youth poverty in Ontario that disproportionately impacts youth from racialized and immigrant communities. With 5+ years of experience working with youth in academic settings and non-profit organizations, I am an advocate of education and youth empowerment for social change.

Currently, I reside in Windsor, Ontario and work as a Youth Engagement Project Coordinator to create the first ever peer-to-peer mental health model for youth in the Windsor-Essex area. When I’m not busy adulting, I can be found laying down on the floor and thinking about revolutionary ideas, or making mediocre embroidery art.