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Welcome to my blog!

I am a recent graduate of Sociology [M.A] working in the field of youth work with a knack for writing.  At this tiny corner of the internet, I dedicate my writing to three main areas— youth work, social media, and mental health.

Youth WorkI have over 5 years of experience working with youth in academic settings and non-profit organizations. I wrote my graduate course thesis on the issue of youth poverty, and the importance of youth empowerment and youth activism for social change. Click here for my LinkedIn resume.

Social MediaMy personal obsession for all things related to social media has led me to read a conspicuous amount of literature on the topic, and subsequently quit social media altogether. I am a self-proclaimed social-media-hater. In this section, I share my personal experiences, as well as the available literature, to bring awareness to the unintended consequences of social media, including our devices and the internet, on our overall well-being.

Mental Health: This section is dedicated to mental health and mental wellness, specifically as related to youth work and social media. I have a minor in psychology, as well as experience volunteering as a peer counselor. I’m currently working on a peer-based mental health project.

This blog is intended to part academic, part self-reflection, and part humorous.

When I’m not busy adulting, I read a conspicuous amount of books borrowed from the library, make mediocre embroidery art, and patiently wait for the inevitable social revolution.

You can contact me via email at mehretbiruk@gmail.com.