Once upon a time, long before the Internet became such a ubiquitous part of our day-to-day Weexistence, we immersed in and engaged with the worlds around us. That was long before there was a distinction between the online and the offline world. We heard the birds chirp, observed the seasons change, notice the lint on a stranger’s sweater waiting in line in front of us at the grocery store, and started a conversation in the waiting rooms of doctors’ office.

Do you miss it? I do.

I also believe we can turn off the noise machine. We can choose to disconnect so we can reconnect with one another, with ourselves, and with the world around us. We can choose to (re)discover the pleasures and joys of the offline world.

Lets (re)discover the pleasures of the offline world.


One-on-One Coaching

Are you ready to take back control of your time and attention? Are you ready to take the step towards experiencing the simple joys in life? These sessions are going to give you the knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment you have been looking for to create healthier tech habits, increase your productivity, improve your relationships, and cultivate high-quality leisure to enjoy your free time.


Are you looking to empower your team to take back control of their time and attention? Increase your team’s productivity and create better connections between your team members. These workshops are tailored to fit your teams unique needs and concerns!


Are you looking to meet and network with fellow digital wellness enthusiasts? Toronto’s Digital Wellness Meetup group is an online community for individuals to come together and empower one another’s digital wellness journey. Join us for interesting conversations and genuine connections.


What people are saying…

Mehret just gets it. She brings joy, empathy, and compassion to her work, along with deep knowledge and expertise on the topic of digital wellness. To meet here is to immediately like her. She’s funny, smart, warm, engaging, and real. I cannot recommend her services more highly!

― Christina Malecka, MA LMHC Founder of Screen Time Lifeline

Thank you so much for such an engaging and valuable presentation! The coordinator at SLYE was really excited about the amount of engagement you were able to elicit from the youth. The youth greatly benefitted from the timely resources and tips you shared! Thank you very much for your contributions. It is greatly appreciated.

The SLYE Network

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Mehret Biruk is a digital wellness coach with a passion to teach, inspire and empower individuals to (re)discover the pleasures of the offline world.

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